Team Foundation Server 2012 Exam 70-496

I had the opportunity to take this exam last week and since I got a thumbs-up :- ) I will let SOME tips here for everyone who is likewise thinking to apply for this new TFS exam.

Again, as in TFS 2010 exam – 70-512, you may be comfortable to go to this exam if you are already familiar with deploying Team Foundation Server using different topologies (single server, multi servers, using also load balancing, https), administering TFS server (TFS admin console), including backup/restore and also managing/working with the main component as version control, work item tracking, build automation, lab management, groups and permissions management of TFS instance level, Team Project Collection level and Team Project level, etc.

Take a look at the main ALM MSDN documentation for Visual Studio 2012 that contains rich information for this test and certainly helps with that – Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server

Find the Skills Being Measured for this exam here. The test is very well elaborated having mixed questions exploring all four big topics of the Skills Being Measured.

Based on what I can still remember from my test, these are some topics to practice, to study and to be prepared to find the accurate answer solutions in your test:

My friend Daniel talks about the new three Microsoft ALM exams here – Certifications for Team Foundation Server 2012

Other links that have some valuable TFS related information you may consider to take a look at:

Silfarney Wallace | @silwallace

2 Responses to Team Foundation Server 2012 Exam 70-496

  1. sveroadev says:

    Nice post…I’m a developer, but have the responsibility for our TFS server…this exam is definitivly something I have to take next year. Thanks

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